Now you can send your personal profile to over 50-60 dating agencies 
( max age 35 y.o.)

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Dear Lady,

Our site is working toward single people around the globe. You found our site and we know - you have a problem. We know you are single and trying to find your partner for love and possibly for life time term. If you are looking for a partner from USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe you came to the right place. 

Now you can have a chance to submit your personal profile to over 50-60 dating agencies and therefore multiply your chances for success by many  times. It is obvious that the more agencies have your profile the more successful you would be in finding your partner for life.

We will send your profile ( for free) to 10 agencies of our choice. We can not publish the names of the agencies due to some restrictions of our contract with the agencies. Many agencies are well known, however, there are some young, but very successful ones.

If you recommend this page to 10 of your friends ( females) and they submit their profiles ( with your name included) to us than we will be able to send your profile to 50-60 and more dating agencies. All for free. Isn't it worthy to try? Recommend it here.

All you have to do is to answer about 20 questions. The questions are very simple and easy to understand. All of them are based on the information which is absolutely necessary for submitting your application the the agencies.

Here are few rules which you have to follow.

1. You need to answer ALL questions ( no exceptions). If you do not wish to answer some of the questions then you do not need to submit the application. It will not be accepted in any way if some of the questions were not answered.

2. Contact mailing address should written in two languages:  your country language ( Russian for most countries of  former USSR) and English. All applicants must have different mailing addresses ( including e-mail addresses). The exception is when two-three girl friends have shared Post Office box . If we find the same address ( or e-mail address) posted on many applications all those profiles will be deleted with no exception.

3. The application must be filled out in English. 

4. Your pictures must be attached to your application and sent together as one message. All pictures which are received separately ( without the text information) will be deleted. The pictures ( preferably professionally done) should be good quality. It is  preferable if you could provide at least two pictures ( portrait and full length). The file size of the picture should not exceed 25 KB and the actual size of the picture should not exceed the size of a regular mail postcard 
( approximately 15x10cm). We will not process bad quality pictures ( and accordingly the profiles) and/or if they exceed  the specified size by many times.

You can find the questions you need to answer below on this page in a table. You need to copy all of the questions and give the answer strictly under each point. 
DO NOT remove the questions.
Send the completed questionnaire to the link SEND located under the table below.

Here is an example .


Note: we can accept the profiles only from ladies up to 35 years old.

1. Full Name

2. Age

3. Birth date.

4. Height

5. Weight

6. Hair color

7. Eye color

8. Language spoken ( good, average, poor)

9. Education

10. Occupation

11. Religion

12. Marital status ( divorced, never married, widowed) 

13. Children/ ages

14. Describe yourself

15. Your hobby, interests

16.  Smoking, drinking

17. Describe the person you would like to meet. Include the age range.

18. Full  Address in English and your language (include your full name and country) 

19.  # Telephone( including country and area code), # Fax, e-mail ( if any available)

20. Other information  (something else you would like to tell)

21. Referrer's full name (your friend who recommended this to you)



                                 If you do not see link SEND than enable Java script support in your browser. 
                                   We use Java script to hide our address due to security and spamming issues.

Recommend this service to your girlfriend now.